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November 9, 2015

Economist Warns Readers About PageFair Hack

The PageFair hack that occurred late last week effected a number of publishers, some now getting around to warning their readers that they may have inadvertently downloaded malware. The Economist is the latest to post a warning. The hack involves PageFair, an anti-ad blocking firm that provides free analytics to publishers. On Halloween, PageFair was hacked and when readers of 501 websites clicked on the site they were presented with a notice that they needed to update their Adobe Flash software--a far to common sight for web readers. But clicking on the link would instead load malware that would that log the users passwords, takes webcam snapshots, and regularly reports back to a hacker’s server. The malware, of course, only effects those using Windows. The Economist today posted a warning to readers recommending that they take action. “If you visited (or, in fact, the websites of any of its 500 other customers) at any time between Oct. 31, 23:52 GMT and 01:15 GMT, Nov. 1, using Windows OS and you do not have trusted anti-virus software installed, it is possible that malware, disguised as an Adobe update, was downloaded onto your PC,” The Economist warned readers.


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