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May 19, 2020

Complying With Personal Data Requests Costly, Overwhelming, Finds Study

MediaPost: "Many U.K. companies are struggling to keep up with the data subject access requests (DSAR) required under the GDPR data privacy regulations (despite Brexit, the UK is adhering to the requirements contained in the GDPR). And U.S companies will soon have to provide consumers with access to the data held on them on demand not only through GDPR but California's CCPA, and possibly other state regulations. Compliance firm Guardum had Sapio Research survey 100 DSAR managers in the U.K. at businesses with 250 employees or more. Only 25% are meeting data compliance obligations with ease, and 72% are partially handling them and expect a backlog when they return to the office. What’s more, 48% of DSARs take longer than the standard 30 days to complete. The average cost of completing each request is £4,884.53, or almost $6,000 in U.S. dollars. And here’s a stat that should alarm anyone in our lawsuit-happy society: 33% of DSARs come through legal representation. When requests do come in, 63% handle them with both manual and automated processes. How big a problem is this? DSAR managers receive an average of 28 requests per month, and 15% get more than 50. Of these, 48% come from customers, and 46% from employees or contractors. In addition, DSAR average spend an average 30% of their day dealing with these requests. And 30% believe there will be a massive increase in DSAR requests when the pandemic lockdown ends."


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